A downloadable Project Engineer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is this about?

If you've every played a managment simulation game, you can expect to know somewhat were this is going.

Project Engineer will not be your normal Managment Simulation, It will be different in a lot of ways.

Now heres everything about the game you need to know.

Welcome to Project Engineer, currently developed by dotPNG Studios. This game will be dotPNGs first game and hope it will be sucessful. This will be a Unity3D Game, but will not be developed by Unity Technologies in any way shape or form. Anyways, In your typical Managment Simulation, you'd expect money to be the primary resource, or in some cases, the only resource. Well here there will be multiple resources, some of which are actually required to make an actual building. A few of the resources included in the game are, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Cash (USD) and then you have the resources you will sell, Molten Iron, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

We just released our first test to make sure the game works on other systems!


Windows Download 45 MB
Mac Download 29 MB
Linux Download 45 MB